A Collective Pledge to a Climate-Oriented Education 

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From September onwards

Facing Climate Emergency, quality information is key to taking effective action on individual and collective levels. The Climate Education Kick-off is a unifying event that offers exactly that: the opportunity to train hundreds of students on climate issues.

Our objective is to increase awareness and understanding among students and to unify Education as a foothold in climate action. Worldwide.

 Covid-19  - The modalities of “Climate Education Kick-off” can be adapted and aligned with government policies. The implementation of our activities will depend on the development of the current situation and will be done in consultation with each institution.



Designed to unify higher education institutions around the globe, the program is a way of pooling energies for a self-feeding Education system.


We invite you to be part of this collective step towards a foothold in climate action!


You are Climate Collage facilitator and want to be part of this unifying, global movement? Get in touch with your local Climate Collage referent!


And then? Introduce the program to local universities.


You are a student and want your university to be part of the Climate Education Kick-off?

>> Reach out to the local referent near you ! <<


There's no Climate Collage referent in your country ?

>> Contact us <<


The program is designed by the organisation The Climate Collage that aims to raise awareness and understanding about climate change using a "serious card game" having the same name.

The Climate Collage” is an educational tool based on the conclusions of the IPCC* report. In only 3 hours, participants can understand our climate system and the consequences of its disruption.


The workshop fosters team spirit and collective intelligence and is therefore perfectly suited for students.

  • 6 to 8 participants work together as a team during 3 hours

  • A facilitator guides them, ensures good communication and provides additional explanations.

Treating a top priority topic and following the principle of “first things first”, the event is the best way to welcome (or welcome back) students at the beginning of the academic year 2020.

To raise awareness in the face of health crisis, a 100% online format of the workshop was created.

 A Workshop in 3 Phases 

1h30 - REFLEXION : Exploring the cause-effect relationship between the 42 cards which respresent the elements of our climate system, and a step-by-step reconstruction.


0h30 - CREATIVITE : Time to assimilate sink what was learned and unwind


1h – DEBRIEFING : Time to share thoughts, express feelings and brainstorm about individual and collective solutions.

Join the Climate Collage Community!

You want to make a difference and act locally to raise awareness about climate change ? You'd like to help, share some of your precious time and skills with our community and give us a hand on a project of your choice? 

Let us know by filling in this form, we'll put you in contact with your fellow facilitators, local referent, or the right person to help within the team.

You're in Belgium or Switzerland?

Please go to the French section of this website, as the French program applies to you!

Why? French-speaking countries where the Climate Collage network is extending thanks to the support of local referents get to enroll in the program under the same conditions as the ones set in France. The worldwide program, that is somehow different, applies to countries who will be experiencing the Climate Education Kick-off for the very first time this year.